100+ Job Openings in Japan for all Filipino!

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Based on the latest database in POEA website, it seems that Japan has plenty of job openings (with available job orders) for aspiring Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) . Here is the list of Job openings from landbased manpower agencies accredited by Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA).

According to Japan Human Resources Institute there is an estimated 12 Million jobs that will be available to foreign workers in the coming years. Based on November 15,2015 episode of ABS-CBN’s Bandila, the job openings that will be available include ship builder, hotel and restaurant staff, caregiver, construction worker, factory worker, English tutors, housekeeping, and a lot more. Interested applicants need however to undergo trainings, and study Japanese language (Nihongo) and culture.

Japan is very appealing to workers who seek jobs abroad because it has a streamlined recruitment process, and has no placement fee.

Based on POEA database of jobs with available job orders, Filipino workers can work as farmer, carpenter, dancer, singer, welder, engineer, horticulturist, baker, plumber, food processing, factory worker, and a lot more. The complete details can be found below.

Vacancies and Job order balance:

Farmer Cultivation – 57
Packager Industrial – 2
Painter – 10
Reinforcing Bar Construction – 22
Welder – 4
Agriculture Live Stock – 3
Assembler Electric Equipment – 2
Plasterer – 2

Vacancies and Job order balance:

Farm Workers Dairy – 1
Worker Finishing Machine – 3
Farmer Cultivation – 4
Farmers – 4
Upland Field Cropping – 3

To apply for this job please visit poea.jobstreet.com.ph.