Dubai Mall Sales Lady

  • Full Time
  • Dubai


Hi we are looking for a Sales Lady to work in Dubai mall have experience must have know how to use POS system.
Local company in Dubai.

Shops, stores, supermarkets, malls and other companies will not be able to reach the market without their sales ladies. The sales lady is the one who goes, interacts and serves the customers with whatever product or service they are in charge to sell. She is the one who informs the public, especially the potential buyers about the product and service and would do every thing to urge them to purchase what they are selling. She can also demonstrate how the product or service works as the client requires.

  • Actively assist deals and attends to the need of customers.
  • Grant the request of the costumers on getting new stocks, sizes, and other design of the product requested by the customers.
  • Assure the product she is selling is properly fix and in the proper places.
  • Call customers and potential clients over the phone and encourage them to buy the product.
  • Fill out order forms and reporting sales that will pass to the accounting or higher department.
  • Process cash and credit card transactions at the registered post.

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