Online Bag Seller’s Shop Raided While He’s in the Middle of Live Selling

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These days, it is so easy to buy anything you need from an online store – whether that’s food, clothes and accessories, pet supplies, or even real estate, cars, and other big-ticket items. But the sad truth is that there are also lots of sellers who sell fake items at high price tags, thinking that they can dupe their customers.

Recently, a well-known online bag seller went viral after his shop was raiding while he is in the middle of live selling. While there were a number of netizens who took pity on him, particularly because the live selling video continued to play despite the raid, there were also those who claimed that this particular online seller actually sells fake bags with very high price tags.

Photo credit: Direck Paul’s Classroom

Selling on Direck Paul’s Classroom, online seller Paulito Ballano is known for selling class A designer bags. He tells his buyers to “manage their expectations” and, reportedly, claims at times that the bags he is selling are “pre-loved”. A number of his buyers thought they were buying authentic but pre-loved designer bags.

There were those who were able to buy from Direck Paul’s Classroom but wanted their money back, telling him that the items were actually cheap knockoffs. Considering that the ‘designer’ bags come with very high price tags, some reaching as high as Php80,000, these customers do have the right to complain and want their money back.

Photo credit: Direck Paul’s Classroom

“Eh yung mga benta nya preloved na iba galing japan (im not sure sa lahat ng benta nya if preloved) but nung naipost tong mga pictures na to may nag comment na nagsasabing “topgrade quality yung ibang bags nya pero sobrang laki ng patong, sa mga small business owners 200 lng patong ok na. E sa kanya 10k 5k ganon,” a rival bag seller posted.

Some claimed that Ballano doesn’t know how to properly handle customer complaints.

Photo credit: DB Sights

Many netizens think it is best that the online seller was nabbed for selling fake bags but many also took pity that his shop got raided while he’s in the middle of live selling when so many customers and netizens were able to see what was happening inside the store.