Zoren Legaspi, isa na ngayong ganap na miyembro ng Highway Patrol Group (HPG)

Local News

Zoren Legaspi is now a full-pledged member of the Highway Patrol Group. The actor shared his latest accomplishment on the episode of “Sarap, ‘Di Ba? Bahay Edition.” He also narrated his experiences on the tests required to become a member of the HPG.

The episode’s viewers also saw how Zoren performed his duties as HPG member.

Zoren proudly showed his uniform and revealed the hardships he went through just so he could earn and get the uniform.

“Akala nila peke ito. Pinaghirapan ko ito, hon,” Zoren told his wife, Carmina, adding that becoming a member is not easy.

He said that civilians like him couldn’t easily enter the group. They have to go through a rigorous vetting and the actor was glad to be among the lucky ones to be chosen.

Zoren then showed how he drove a motorcycle and told his wife that he’s a nice driver.

Carmina congratulated Zoren on his success. “Congratulations to him dahil talagang like he said, pinaghirapan talaga niya ‘yan,” she said.